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Whether you're tracking equipment, property, collectibles or even intangible items like ideas, records, or patents - using the right asset tracking software is critical to your peace of mind.

What is Free Asset Tracking Software?

Free asset tracking software allows businesses and individuals to keep track of anything important to them. And web based asset tracking systems let you work 24/7 from anywhere without the hassle of traditional spreadsheets.

Asset Tracking Software: Things to Consider

Different asset tracking products offer different features. These are some things to look for in choosing the right asset tracking system.

Ease of Use

Ideal asset tracking software has to be simple. Too many features leads to too much frustration. Look for solutions that are quick and easy to set up, offer simple web based interfaces, and fit your needs.

Low Price

High setup costs and on-going fees are difficult to keep up with. So look for products that offer free and low-priced options. When it comes to web based asset tracking systems, higher price does not mean higher quality.


Whatever you're tracking, you'll want flexibility for managing your important assets. Look for asset tracking software that can be customized to your needs and not the other way around.


Ensure all the important details of your most valuable possessions are stored reliably. Good asset tracking software allows you to upload and track documents and the details - that includes images, receipts, and a variety of custom fields of your own design.

User Reviews

4.6 Star Ranking

267 Total Product Reviews

You’ve got a great product—very user-friendly.
M. DeGrandis Falls Church, United States 03/03/2023
Muy intuitivo
Cristian M. San Vicente Ferrer, Colombia 02/20/2023
So far I like what I see. I will know more as we add inventory...
Dave S. Suamico, United States 02/07/2023
All good
Faiyaz M. Lusaka, Zambia 01/08/2023
Simple and effective
Angelica P. Marikina, Philippines 01/02/2023
excelente programa y muy amigable
Irai S. San Juan del Río, Mexico 12/24/2022
j'ai beaucoup d'articles à transférer de ma base de donnée de l'ancien logiciel et lorsque je veut les transférer ils ne se mettent pas correctement comment pouvez vous m'aider?
PIERRE M. MARBEHAN, Belgium 11/26/2022
Désolé que vous ayez eu des problèmes. Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait de l'importation, je vous suggère de réinitialiser le compte sous Mon Compte -> Paramètres Compte et de réessayer.
The Skyware Team
Excelente Software
Harby G. Bogota, Colombia 11/12/2022
Muy bueno!
Soporte IT M. Boulogne, Argentina 10/27/2022
Muito satisfeito com a experiencia, acessível em termos de preço e muito funcional e de fácil adaptação. Se tivesse possibilidade de inserir registos de pedidos de trabalho pagaria o triplo para ter tudo junto na minha atividade. Continuem o excelente trabalho
Jose R. Olhao, Portugal 08/19/2022
Obrigado por usar a Skyware! Ordens de trabalho e ordens de compra estão sendo consideradas como adições ao sistema.
The Skyware Team
genial recien lo implementare
Alejandro A. Cochabamba, Bolivia 07/26/2022
Parece un software amigable de usar y cumple su objectivo.
Andres A. Limache, Chile 04/30/2022
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Benefits of Free Asset Tracking Software

Storing and maintaining a record of your assets on the cloud is the most reliable way to preserve the history of your valuable assets. So retire those spreadsheets, hand-written lists, and catalog your inventory of assets with software built for the web.

The Best Free Asset Tracking Software

Join  33,363  Companies in over  160  Countries Tracking Inventory Online

Web based Inventory Software on the Cloud

Why use Skyware® Inventory?

Skyware Inventory is a secure, database driven web application for online inventory tracking and management. The system automates your daily inventory tasks into one simple inventory software for your firm. Highlights include:

  • Available on desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone

  • Simple transaction-based system

  • Flexible settings with lots of options

  • LIFO FIFO and AVERAGE inventory cost reporting

  • Secure, encrypted, and fully backed-up

  • No item or transaction limits

  • Multi-user capabilities

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