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Welcome to the Skyware Inventory Reviews page, a place to read about what other people think about our inventory software. Any user can submit a review anytime. Some reviews include helpful information from the Skyware Support Team.

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User Reviews

4.4 Star Ranking

550 Total Product Reviews

Kevin H. Smyrna, United States 08/28/2023
Quinta M. Maputo, Mozambique 08/21/2023
Awesome design so far guys A+
Stephanie W. Auckland, New Zealand 08/09/2023
So Far, it's what I'm looking for.
Samuel M. Smyrna , United States 08/04/2023
Excelente sistema
David Manuel Hialeah, United States 08/02/2023
Somos Regiones Rissucio, Colombia 07/23/2023
Un programa claro y simple de entender con muchas funcionalidades fácil de entender...
Pablo A. San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 07/13/2023
Falta algunas cosas para que sea un producto brillante
DisTec C. Asuncion, Paraguay 07/08/2023
¡Gracias por utilizar Skyware Inventory! ¿Hay alguna característica en particular que cree que deberíamos añadir? Siempre estamos intentando mejorar el producto...
The Skyware Team
Es un buen programa
Walter P. Lima, Peru 06/26/2023
Todo bien de momento!
Yakson R. TRUJILLO, Peru 06/16/2023
Looks like just what we need
Colby B. Vancouver, United States 06/13/2023
Excellent. Not the nicest app on the market, but very useful. Thank you
Davor R. Samobor, Croatia 06/10/2023
Really professional.
Nick H. Glendale, United States 06/08/2023
Love this program
GFPS Great Falls, United States 06/01/2023
Great application.
Стевче Л. Битола, Macedonia 05/26/2023
Muy invasivo los anuncios
Leonel F. Doral, United States 05/20/2023
¡Por favor regístrese! Solo cuesta $ 30 / año y puede eliminar todos los anuncios.
The Skyware Team
Excelente herramienta!
Benjamin M. La Vega, Dominican Republic 04/21/2023
Très bon et très pratique comme application Web en gestion de stock
Abdel B. COTONOU, Benin 04/19/2023
Adan G. Barquisimeto, Venezuela 04/19/2023
Muito fluído e facil de gerir no dia a dia. Continuem o bom trabalho
Jose R. Olhao, Portugal 04/14/2023
Cheryl G. Mooresville, United States 04/12/2023
Excellent logiciel de gestion d'inventaire.
Ayachi M. DONZERE, France 03/30/2023
Es muy intuitivo y realmente cómodo para el inventariado
Efren F. GUATEMALA, Guatemala 03/17/2023
Kathy W. Mobile, United States 03/13/2023
Votre système est simple et puissant pour faire des inventaires ! Cela faisait longtemps que je recherchais une solution
Fabrice B. Caluire-et-Cuire, Fance 03/09/2023
Super... Esta genial el programa
Eric A. Panama, Panama 03/07/2023
You’ve got a great product—very user-friendly.
M. DeGrandis Falls Church, United States 03/03/2023
Muy intuitivo
Cristian M. San Vicente Ferrer, Colombia 02/20/2023
Thank you
Ali A. Abu Saiba, Bahrain 02/08/2023
So far I like what I see. I will know more as we add inventory...
Dave S. Suamico, United States 02/07/2023
Jesse B. Michigan City, United States 01/25/2023
Doing Great. I really appreciate the simplicity. One feature that would help is templates for outbound stuff. I regularly ship a preset group of products and it would be convenient to select them from a template (instead of adding them one by one).
Wolfgang O. Ukiah, United States 01/23/2023
Great suggestion! We'll add that to our programming queue for a future release.
The Skyware Team
All good
Faiyaz M. Lusaka, Zambia 01/08/2023
Doing good, every thing works as desired. My only feedback is I wish during a receipt there was something that denoted items in transit vs items on hand. I wish for simplicity there was an On Order not received option and then a way to mark it when it actually comes in. Some of our items have a 20 week lead time and we forget we even ordered them.....
Brandon W. Greer, United States 01/07/2023
Thanks for the feedback. We have added a mechanism to help you see item balances effected by future translations. Please let us know how you like it!
The Skyware Team
Can't re-arrange headers. Import from spreadsheet not working.
Zach S. Springfield, United States 01/03/2023
Sorry you ran into difficulties. We are working on re-arranging of headers... look for it in a future release. The problems you're having with spreadsheets stems from not using our templates. Please try again with our templates.
The Skyware Team
Simple and effective
Angelica P. Marikina, Philippines 01/02/2023
excelente programa y muy amigable
Irai S. San Juan del Río, Mexico 12/24/2022
Good Job - Nice and Simple
Kevin H. Smyrna, United States 12/16/2022
bonjours, est il possible de remplacer la virgule des milliers par un point et le point des décimales par une virgule merci
Stéphanie M. Libramont, Belgium 12/14/2022
Désolé que vous ayez rencontré des difficultés. C'est très spécifique au navigateur... Essayez d'utiliser Firefox, qui supporte mieux les virgules.
The Skyware Team
j'ai beaucoup d'articles à transférer de ma base de donnée de l'ancien logiciel et lorsque je veut les transférer ils ne se mettent pas correctement comment pouvez vous m'aider?
PIERRE M. MARBEHAN, Belgium 11/26/2022
Désolé que vous ayez eu des problèmes. Si vous n'êtes pas satisfait de l'importation, je vous suggère de réinitialiser le compte sous Mon Compte -> Paramètres Compte et de réessayer.
The Skyware Team
Excelente Software
Harby G. Bogota, Colombia 11/12/2022
Jesus F. Caibarien , Cuba 11/12/2022
David Z. Atlanta, United States 11/08/2022
Application superbe. Notre école a trouvé une solution simple, efficace et ergonomique. Bravo
Oussama A. Tanger-Médina, Morocco 10/29/2022
Muy bueno!
Soporte IT M. Boulogne, Argentina 10/27/2022
Me ayudaron a ordenarme
ISABEL G. LIMA, Peru 10/19/2022
eng C. Male', Maldives 09/24/2022
I was so very happy to find your software. Our company is new and we specialize in short term commercial storage. I was looking for something to track inventory and do simple reporting.
Christie W. Norfolk, United States 09/20/2022
I service and repair sewing and embroidery machines, and I have a lot of new and used parts that I needed a system for.
Sam M. Warner Robins, United States 08/24/2022
Muito satisfeito com a experiencia, acessível em termos de preço e muito funcional e de fácil adaptação. Se tivesse possibilidade de inserir registos de pedidos de trabalho pagaria o triplo para ter tudo junto na minha atividade. Continuem o excelente trabalho
Jose R. Olhao, Portugal 08/19/2022
Obrigado por usar a Skyware! Ordens de trabalho e ordens de compra estão sendo consideradas como adições ao sistema.
The Skyware Team
genial recien lo implementare
Alejandro A. Cochabamba, Bolivia 07/26/2022
Hola Buenos días Me podrían decir donde puedo bajarme la aplicación para móvil Android
Abel S. Guanajuato, Mexico 07/07/2022
Skyware es amigable con el móvil - puede acceder a él en su dispositivo móvil a través de su navegador web móvil favorito. No hay una aplicación móvil dedicada.
The Skyware Team
Hi. Seen what looks like a change to the filter system.
Ronan D. Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, United Kingdom 06/17/2022
Thank you for reaching out. We have identified the issue ... this should be fixed now.
The Skyware Team
excelente ayuda
daniel S. La Serena, Chile 05/29/2022
Parece un software amigable de usar y cumple su objectivo.
Andres A. Limache, Chile 04/30/2022
Reorder levels are working for us, but I wish it was easier to remove items from the alerts.
Ravi J. Prayagraj, India 03/31/2022
Thanks for the feedback. To remove an item from alerts simply set the item's reorder threshold to zero. Hope that helps!
The Skyware Team
There is an error when I export to excel the stock report. I can only see two articles.
Juan Pablo R. Casbas, Argentina 03/28/2022
Thanks for the feedback, and sorry you ran into this problem. We found the problem and fixed it!
The Skyware Team
As an office manager I'm really glad that I can rely on Skyware to handle our inventory.
Jason H. Memphis, United States 03/11/2022
I have a ton of music gear. Guitars, amps, pedals, and lots of other stuff. I needed something so that I could keep track of everything for my insurance. This works great.
Mike M. New Orleans, United States 02/05/2022
muy facil de usar
Kevin R. Guatemala, Guatemala 01/05/2022
I work at a local auto parts store and this is what I use to manage our inventory every day.
Kathleen F. Charleston, United States 10/08/2021
Use it for our soap business, thank you for free version.
Paish M. Colombo, Sri Lanka 10/02/2021
Issue is fixed. Thanks for your support
Saverio L. Bamako, Mali 09/10/2021
Makes all the difference in how we manage our inventory on hand. We don't use the LIFO and FIFO options but we may in the future.
Scott V. Peoria, United States 08/17/2021
Skyware keeps track of so many things that we need to have on hand in our office.
Charlie V. George, South Africa 08/11/2021
Does what it says, tracks valuable stuff in my house and storage unit.
John T. New York, United States 07/07/2021
Name is still incorrect. Thanks again for your help and support.
Joseito A. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 06/27/2021
We need web based solutions. Thank you for the free product.
Imelda Z. Garki, Nigeria 05/28/2021
We send out apparel samples to our customers to test fabrics. Once they are done, they send those back to us to return into inventory. Skyware makes this easy for us.
Keith R. Los Altos, United States 05/07/2021
New 2.0 version is fabulous. We are still using the free inventory software version.
MacArthur D. Ashland, United States 03/29/2021
We have been a customer for over 8 years and have had great success with Skyware for our warehouse inventory.
Dale B. Norfolk, United States 03/26/2021
I build cabinets and I need a way to track all of the parts that I use. This works well to keep me on track.
Paul M. St.Paul, United States 01/31/2021
When I make an inventory adjustment the software auto-adjusts the costs without me inputting it manually.
Jessica C. Edmonton, Canada 01/27/2021
I build go-carts for amateur racing and the program helps keep all of my costs in line.
Rafael J. Miami, United States 01/07/2021
I'm surprised with how much I'm able to do with the free program. I promise I'll upgrade eventually!
Bill F. London, United Kingdom 12/01/2020
I use Skyware Inventory everyday to manage my personal tool truck and I just couldn't manage to keep track of everything without it.
Kevin R. Dallas, United States 11/26/2020
Skyware inventory works great for me and my business. I couldn't do my work without it, so just keep it up.
George S. Atlanta, United States 09/21/2020
Easy to navigate, mobile interface could be smoother but I love the anywhere anytime access.
Roger M. Phoenix, United States 07/28/2020
Skyware Inventory is how I manage my online drum parts business. Keeps me organized
Tim C. Salt Lake City, United States 07/21/2020
Love that it's free. We only use it for tracking item location so I can't review it completely.
Damon K. Exeter, United Kingdom 06/11/2020
A bit slow for us on the island
Ilham S. Hithadhoo, Maldives 11/01/2019
Well, I don't think it's going to work for my inventory.
Vana L. Calgary, Canada 08/23/2019
Handy online inventory tool. It is possible to change FIFO to LIFO and back again with no problems.
Miko S. Zilina, Slovakia 08/21/2019
Works well for our graphic T-shirt shop. We track most of our inventory with Skyware Inventory.
Kelly L. Los Angeles, United States 05/28/2019
Muchas gracias por la ayuda...
Jose A. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala 03/22/2019
We have an office furniture reselling business and a lot of things to inventory. This is what we use to manage buying and selling.
Nigel P. Washington, United States 03/01/2019
You're doing well. We use it every day to manage our public food bank and it lets us really keep track of everything that we take in.
Beth G. Las Vegas, United States 01/15/2019
Skyware is working well for our retail and warehouse inventory needs. I do wish there was less ads in the free version ;)
Dámaso R. Madrid, Spain 01/11/2019
Thank you for supporting Arabic Language
Sridhar K. Ramavarappadu, India 12/18/2018
Working well, use it to track my record collection.
Michelle C. New Orleans, United States 11/08/2018
Thank you for creating the inventory software. Is there a way to export a more detailed transactions record?
Serwaa S. Abidjan, Ghana 09/11/2018
I have used Inventory your program and very happy with the results.
Chin J. Kula Lumpur, Malaysia 06/28/2018
Just super excited to get this up and running. I added all of my products, easy peasy.
Jan F. Freiburg, Germany 05/01/2018
Thanks for adding images to items
Enrico C. Baja California, Mexico 05/01/2018
Works okay for our office equipment and supplies. We use Skyware to manage most of it.
Allison R. Des Moines, United States 02/18/2018
Works. And it's free. I use it to track my books as a self-publishing author.
Olie M. Harburg, Germany 06/26/2017
Skyware supports unlimited items!!!
Rebecca H. Sand Diego, United States 05/01/2017
Perfect for me. Easy way to track all my stuff. Don't actually use it that often once it's setup.
Kim T. St.louis, United States 04/27/2017
Works perfectly, just doesn't support PO's out of the box, you got to finagle it a bit.
John B Tacoma, United States 03/24/2017
Thanks for the free technical support!
Matilda M. New York, United States 06/27/2016
I have started trialling your inventory software and love it. I am just wondering with adding users as we will probably need to add a couple is it $10 a month per user? Or is it just $10 a month for any number of additional users? 02/04/2016
Caitlin P. Carlton, Australia 02/04/2016
Thanks for signing up! It's $10 per user for our Enterprise Plan. And we have two new lower cost plans now. Checkout Skyware's pricing page for more details.
The Skyware Team
Love it!
Kate P. Carlton, Canada 02/04/2016
I would like to reset my items table and start over, but it appears I need to go through and delete them one by one. Is there an easier way.
Mark A. Keene, United States 05/20/2015
You certainly can! Visit MY ACCOUNT -> ACCOUNT SETTINGS and select "Reset My Account" and you'll be good to go!
The Skyware Team
Thanks for the upload feature.
Hamit M. Leeds, United Kingdom 05/20/2015
Things are still working pretty well for us. Is there any plan to have extra features to Skyware Inventory like alerts to be able to set min product, bar codes, or other improvements? Thanks!
Grayson M. Greensboro, United States 04/20/2015
Glad to hear it, and thanks for using Skyware. And yes, we now have reorder alerts, barcode scanning, and more!
The Skyware Team
Would like to be able to restrict the functions of additional users. Please add!!!
Rich W. Waterford, United States 10/15/2014
Thanks for the request, multiple users with restricted permission has been added to Skyware. Enjoy!
The Skyware Team
We are loving the program. It seems to be working very well for our organization.
Taylor F. Bradenton, United States 07/29/2014
I love your product but I sell a lot of things on eBay these days, and it's not perfectly suited to that.
Ramona K. Ontario, Canada 02/03/2014
HI, Love your work :) I'm really interested in the upgraded version Just wanted to know if will work across currency other than US$? Can it handle multiple currencies? Can it handle 2 layers of taxation? Thanks
Antoinette D. West Bendigo, Australia 11/13/2013
Yes, Skyware Inventory supports ANY currency.
The Skyware Team
Love that it supports any currency!
Ann D. Bendigo, Australia 11/13/2013
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