Simple Inventory Management Software Review 2024

What are the best simple inventory systems for item management, routine transactions, and flexible cost reporting?

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From customer service to accounting, warehousing, and keeping up with social media - you have a lot on your plate. Automating daily tasks will free up your time, reduce costs and eliminate mistakes - particularly when it comes to managing your inventory.

Simple Inventory Management Systems help you fulfill orders and maintain the right raw materials, parts, equipment and supplies to create your products. A simple yet effective inventory solution can help you reduce headaches and improve your bottom line. In this article we'll explore what to look for in simple inventory software, and compare some of the available options - including some free ones!

What is Simple Inventory Software?

Well, it's simple! Right? Well, not so fast. Many products claim to be simple but are the exact opposite. Even the least tech-savvy among us can benefit from a system with an intuitive interface and a simple, yet practical design. So that's what you're after.

Simple inventory management software is a program that easily catalogs every item you need tracked: including parts, raw materials, supplies, works in progress, tools and finished goods.

The best simple inventory management systems are cloud-based, which allows you to monitor and manage your inventory levels from anywhere at any time without the hassle of managing desktop software or traditional spreadsheets.

Common Uses of Simple Inventory Software

Simple inventory software doesn't mean that it's basic. Modern inventory tracking systems can do much more than simply track your items - they manage locations, track costs and more.

Here are several other functions that excellent inventory management software can automate:

  • Manage Multiple Locations

    Inventory software can help you manage inventory at multiple locations, allowing you to transfer inventory from one location to another when necessary. And it should track costs by location.

  • Track Costs

    Tracking costs is simple when you have the right inventory tracking system. With powerful AVEARGE, LIFO, or FIFO costing you can quickly spot problems and prevent them.

  • Get Reorder Alerts

    You can use your inventory management software to set pars, or ideal stock levels for your items, and then trigger reorder alerts to avoid shortages and prevent overstocks.

  • Anywhere Anytime Access

    When you use a cloud based inventory management system, you can keep your hands on your inventory at any time from anywhere. The best inventory control systems can be used on any device.

  • Activity Auditing

    With the right inventory system you'll be able to fully audit all user activity to determine who has made changes to the inventory and when.

Benefits of Simple Inventory Management Software

The benefits of simple inventory software are many, and ultimately, each one helps improve the efficiency of your organization and your bottom line.

  • Improve Efficiency

    The more routine tasks you can automate, the more time you have to develop more leads, work on customer service, or develop new products. Plus, when you automate your inventory management you reduce the chance of human error.

  • Minimize Costs and Maximize Profits

    When you reduce the amount of inventory you have on your shelves, you improve cash flow that allows you to reinvest in other aspects of your business. Dead inventory that you can't sell quickly becomes a cost liability. However, when you can track how quickly certain items move, you can better estimate how much stock you should have on hand to fulfill orders and adjust your ordering accordingly.

  • Automate Manual Tasks

    The less "busy work" you have to do by hand, the more time you have to focus on growing your business or developing new products. Automating tasks like counting inventory and placing orders also reduces the chances of a mistake. This means that your numbers are more accurate.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Having the items you and your customers want in stock and ready to go increases customer satisfaction. If you keep running out of products, equipment or supplies - your customers will go elsewhere.

Key Considerations for Simple Inventory Management Software

Each inventory management program is different, whether it's Warehouse Inventory Management Software or Office Inventory Software a good one should be able to automate every aspect of managing your goods. When looking for a simple inventory management program, make sure it can do the following:

  • Integrate with your workflow,
  • Automate manual tasks,
  • Alert you when your items drop below the par levels,
  • Be cloud based, allowing you to monitor your inventory from any device,
  • Be scalable, allowing you to grow without needing a new program, and
  • Offer free and low cost options.

What Is the Best Simple Inventory Management Software?

  • inFlow Inventory is designed for item-based businesses and automates many tasks including tracking merchandise, generating invoices, managing orders, and other transaction operations. There's a B2B portal available, including billing of materials and invoices, plus secure online payment, allowing you to purchase from your vendors using the software. It's also compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS.

  • Stitch Labs offers more advanced features than many other simple inventory software solutions. It allows users to centralize inventory, reducing over-purchasing, late deliveries, and inventory shortages. Stitch Labs is a cloud-based program that provides detailed reports about historical stock levels, sales velocity, and financial location, allowing business owners to accurately forecast future sales. It's a multi-channel platform allowing you to sell across multiple sites simultaneously, with accurate inventory information so your customers always know what's in stock.

  • Orderhive is great for e-commerce businesses, an all-in-one program that deals with everything from order fulfillment to secure purchasing to shipping. It has real-time inventory information and synchronization, as well as simplified product management. The software generates custom reports for business owners to analyze trends and customer buying patterns.

  • ERPLY allows business owners to track everything they sell, including order management and deliveries. It also generates sales reports, including customer history and orders from suppliers, plus alerts when your stock dips too low. Advanced features include accepting orders from multiple sources, controlling inventory in multiple locations, and connecting with your suppliers for automatic reordering. And it allows you to create customized sales and promotions that your customers are more likely to act on.

  • Skyware Inventory is a user-friendly, simple inventory management software with advanced capabilities for scalable business growth. It's a cloud based system that is customizable, supports multiple locations and multiple users, plus reorder alerts, cost tracking by location, excel exports and much more. With a free version for smaller organizations, even the newest users can enjoy the benefits of automated inventory management.

Leading Simple Inventory Management Software: Skyware Inventory

The best inventory software is the one you can implement with success and use every day. You need something that matches your workflow without adding overblown or complex features. And Skyware Inventory offers exactly that. It breaks down managing inventory into its most basic tasks - leading to a flexible and customizable solution to your inventory needs. And when you get stuck, touch base with their excellent customer service team. Visit Skyware's Simple Inventory Management Software webpage today to learn more

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