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What are the best inventory systems to track items, reduce costs, avoid shortages and enhance your customer service?

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Whether you're running a food truck or you have multiple warehouses across multiple regions, automating your inventory control system can reduce errors, improve your cash flow, and ensure that every customer is able to buy what they want when they want it. However, not all tracking systems are created equal. Read on to get our breakdown on some of the best.

What is Inventory Management Software?

In a nutshell, inventory management software is a computerized system to track items; from raw ingredients, to parts, equipment, works in progress, and finished product. The best inventory management software will automate and track your supply chain, equipment, location, parts and related assets to simplify your life. From ordering through delivery good inventory software helps you satisfy customers and spot trends in your business.

Many of these programs are also cloud-based, allowing users remote access to monitor their business from a desktop or mobile device. This also allows those with multiple locations to communicate seamlessly. You can also use inventory management software to better organize your warehouse. For example, a manufacturing plant may choose to have the items that are used most near the front and easy to reach, which results in less downtime as workers gather what they need.

With inventory management software, each item you purchase is tagged with fields you choose into a locatione. When items are sold, consumed, or otherwise used they're deducted from your inventory. This improves the accuracy of your inventory when it comes time to perform physical counts. With inventory leveles on hand in real-time, you can sell faster and across multiple locations with ease.

Benefits of Inventory Management Software

The best inventory management software offers your business a wide array of benefits that include improved accuracy, lower costs, better customer service, and more:

  • Increase Accuracy

    Human error when taking inventory or making purchases is one of the main challenges of any kind of business. When you automate your inventory management, you're able to greatly reduce those errors. More accurate inventory results in greater balance and flexibility with your business. You aren't tying up capital on unnecessary purchases, and you aren't disappointing your customers with product being out of stock.

  • Reduce Costs

    By automating manual tasks, you reduce your staff and payroll costs, plus you free up personal to focus on other tasks such as customer service, fulfillment, and generating new business. Plus you reduce errors, which take time and money to fix. From improved accuracy in fulfilling customer orders to reducing errors, more accurate inventory means you're spending less money.

  • Improve Customer Service

    Inventory management software helps businesses keep up-to-date information about how much of each item remains in stock. So if you note that a particular item is popular, you can increase your orders from the supplier and communicate with your customers about when they can expect back-order items.

  • Provide Real-Time Data for More Accurate Planning

    With accurate data, you can spot trends in your business, including dropping certain items that aren't big sellers or expanding your selections for more popular items. High quality inventory management software helps you plan when to invest in growing your business, schedule purchases of new equipment and other capital items, and work with business lenders if you're seeking a business loan.

  • Prevent Short Stocks

    Inventory management tools allow you to set pars for each item in your inventory, with an alert to signal you when items dip below the minimum stock. This reduces the occasions when you run out of items. You can even link this feature with an automatic reorders, meaning that you'll have a steady stream of raw materials or products for your customers.

  • Prevent Over Purchasing

    Not understanding how much product you need also leads to over-purchasing. Physical assets that are sitting around on your shelves and not moving strangles your flow-through, tying up valuable capital in purchases that you may never sell. Having a maximum and minimum amount of each item reduces the chances of spoilage or items becoming obsolete or unwanted, and improves cash flow and profitability.

Key Inventory Management Software Considerations

Many inventory management software programs have customizable modules that allow you to use the features you need and adjust the parameters for your business. Good programs are also scalable, able to grow as your business grows by handling increased demand or integrating with your other business programs.

The best inventory management software programs should:

  • Manage your inventory across multiple locations,
  • Be web based so you can work on the cloud from anywhere at any time,
  • Automatically update inventory in real-time,
  • Allow for multiple users and business growth,
  • Have an intuitive, easy to use interface and strong customer support,
  • Include detailed reporting and custom tracking fields, and
  • Generate reorder alerts for low stock.

What Is the Best Inventory Management Software?

  • Finale is a supply chain management system that tracks purchasing, inventory levels, and order management. It's designed for retail, manufacturing, and distribution segments, and integrates with many third-party selling platforms, including eBay, Esty, and Amazon. It has multi-location support and stock auditing feature that helps business owners identify stock discrepancies, track historical purchase orders and track transfers and changes.

  • Infoplus is designed for e-commerce businesses and wholesalers, a web based warehouse management software for small to medium-sized 3PLs. Its key features include managing discrete workflow lines for different areas of the business and define the distinct production processes for each segment of your business. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices for inventory management on the go. The Kit On-Demand feature allows businesses to handle e-commerce bundles and flash sales.

  • Lead Commerce includes applications such as customer relationship management, merchandise planning, and automated workflow, in addition to inventory management capabilities. It allows for several types of payment options, from cash to store credit and app payment. Real-time order monitoring for both business owners and customers gives real-time updates to the order flow.

  • Agiliron is a cloud-based point of sales system that can be used both in-store and for mobile businesses, including online third-party sellers. It offers customer support and email marketing features and order and inventory management modules. It integrates with many popular third-party payment sites including PayPal and QuickBooks, allowing you to pay vendors and accept payment from customers securely.

  • Skyware Inventory is an easy-to-use web based inventory management system that's highly customizable and scalable. It supports multiple users, multiple locations, costing by location, reorder alerts, and much more. Skyware Inventory features powerful reports and excel export & import capabilities for managing your inventory in bulk. And with a free version for small businesses, even the newest company can enjoy the benefits of automated inventory management.

Leading Inventory Management Software: Skyware Inventory

The best inventory management software programs is the one you can actually use! Many business struggle to implement inventory software due to their complexity and overblown features. Skyware Inventory breaks down your inventory management into simple tasks to strike the right balance for your inventory needs. With Skyware Inventory's diverse product offering, plus unparalleled customer service, you'll be able to find the right software for your needs. Visit the website Skyware Inventory to learn more.

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